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"You know what these stories are like. You turn up, and the emergency services have cleared away all the carnage so you've got no pictures. And these are just creative touches to bring home the full drama of the story to the viewer. I've won three awards with Dimbles. All right, all right, I concede that maybe I've overused him a teensy bit.
A teensy bit? This bear's visited more disaster scenes than Margaret Thatcher. It's the only cuddly toy to have taken part in the Iran Iraq War, where, as I recall, you claimed it was a mascot abandoned by martyrs of Allah.
Damien and George discussing Damien's overuse of Dimbles

It's could be a typical day in the GlobeLink newsroom. However, this day Sir Roysten Merchant makes a takeover bid for GlobeLink. The staff band together and sign a letter against the takeover. However, the takeover goes ahead and Gus Hedges is the new manager. Unfortunately, Gus is full of management speak. Damien is reprimanded for spicing up news reports by including Dimbles, his teddy bear, as a creative touch. However, that is not slowing him down. George sacks him but Gus intervenes and has him reinstated.[2]


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